Northern Bruce Peninsula Cottage Association

The NBPCA began as a Facebook group, in response to the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula's motions to regulate short term accommodations (STA's) in the area. The group has grown exponentially in the year since it began, and contains many like-minded cottage owners, who are concerned with the direction our local government is going with these regulations.

As a whole, many of the members of the Facebook group are in agreement with regulating STA's. They are also in agreement that they should be part of the process that leads the process of regulating and have reached out several times to the municipality to be included in the process. They have not been successful.

The Facebook group rallied, a smaller group was formed, and we now have an NFP organization registered under Corporations Canada called the NBPCA or Northern Bruce Peninsula Cottage Association. This group is to represent all cottage owners, not just STA's. Currently, we are advocating for the STA owners, to be included in the process of regulating STA's. We have engaged legal counsel and have sent a letter to the Municipality. 

Your membership will help us fund advocacy such as the regulating of the STA's. As this organization grows, we hope to provide more services and advocacy for other issues. 

To be a member of the NBPCA you must own a cottage property in the Northern Bruce Peninsula. This must not be your primary residence. 

We do accept donations - please send a donation or become a member via the form located here


The Northern Bruce Peninsula Cottage Association values our right to privacy and acknowledges that at times the Association may take positions that are not popular among certain groups or organizations.  
At no time will the Association release Member names or lists without the consent of the member or pursuant to a court order.  This is a private association with no obligation to report membership or indeed any of our acts to any non-member.  In some limited instances, members may request access to the membership for reasons of communication on a resolution or motion before the membership.  In that situation, the board will receive the members information and deliver it to the membership on their behalf.
We hope this provides some comfort as we move forward.  At this time more than most, we need as many members as possible to ensure the future is bright for owners of cottage property in Northern Bruce Peninsula.